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School provides health handicapped children, pupils and students with education. It offers pupils who cannot be educated in a common type of primary school, ethical, esthetic, working, health, physical, ecological and religious education. Preparation for compulsory school attendance is guaranteed for children who come from a socially handicapped background. Furthermore, the school offers health-handicapped students secondary education in a two-year practical school.

Parts of the school:

Primary school (special practical school) is a part of the school also including special primary school, after-school care centre in which education and upbringing after the lessons are provided as well as a two-year practical school. The school has also established a preparatory class for children from a socially handicapped background.

Basic objectives of the educational process:

are to provide health handicapped children, pupils and students who cannot be successfully educated at primary and secondary schools, education through special educational methods, means and forms. High-quality preparation for the future participation in the society is offered pupils from a socially handicapped background, particularly aiming at development of working skills and improvement of the quality of mutual human communication in a multicultural society. The school’s major objective is also a creation of conditions for further education, communication among people and the ability to assert in everyday life for both mentally and physically handicapped pupils, pupils with speech or more defects, pupils with educational difficulties as well as ill or weaken pupils placed in health institutions. The aim of the school is to educate and bring up health handicapped pupils in a stimulating and socially safe background according to their individual needs. Last but not least, the aim of the school is to develop a personality of each pupil to be able to think on his own, make decisions freely and reveal himself as a democratic citizen.

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